Anxiety is one of the most common conditions nowadays when everyone around us is leading stressful lives. Losing your job, dealing with the loss of a loved one or the loss of a pet, as well as going through various social encounters may inadvertently be at the root of the problem. Few people know that there are multiple types of anxiety and each has different symptoms. Some of the most common anxiety issues are the following ones:

  • panic attacks
  • PTSD
  • separation anxiety
  • OCD
  • social anxiety

Common symptoms of a panic attack

Anxiety SymptomsPanic attacks usually occur when an individual has to perform a public presentation. Being in front of an audience or going through an interview for a new job can be extremely stressful for most people out there. Common symptoms of panic attacks include trembling knees, sweaty palms and a pounding heart. People who are all of the sudden under a lot of stress can experience tachycardia and momentary high blood pressure. Being hyperactive, irritable or nervous is quite common during panic attacks.

Common symptoms of PTSD

PTSD is an acronym of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This condition occurs whenever an individual happens to be in the midst of an accident or life trauma. Incidents that leave a mark on the stress levels of a human being can lead to grave psychological disorders. In time, the majority of people who are suffering from PTSD will experience insomnia, sweating, fainting, weakness, and hallucination. Nightmares are also a common thing in PTSD and it’s common knowledge that they can have a serious effect on the way one interacts with other people and on a person’s productivity at work. At an emotional level, a person suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may experience mood swings, focus challenges, and phobias.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

This issue usually occurs in children and adolescents who might be separated from one of their parents or one of their loved ones. Some common signs are tantrums, insomnia, extreme shyness, and irritability.

OCDAnxiety Symptoms

OCD is an acronym of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD is one of the prevailing diseases of our century, considering that over 3.3 million Americans are now suffering from this anxiety-related disorder. It is estimated that 2% of the worldwide adult population is affected by OCD, as is the case with up to 1% of the pediatric population.

People suffering from OCD can be split into several categories, ranging from checkers to hoarders.

Social Anxiety

As its name suggests, social anxiety occurs in situations when people are forced to interact with other people, objects, or even places. It is said that women are more prone to social anxiety compared to men, as they experience severe hormonal changes during menstruation and menopause. So, what are the prevalent symptoms of social anxiety? They include excessive worrying, high blood pressure, fatigue, severe mood swings, and shortness of breath.

Stress is becoming harder and harder to manage for most people everywhere on the surface of the earth. If you believe you might be suffering from anxiety, consult the opinion of a physician and try to look into some natural supplements.

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