Anxiety attacks can trigger at any moment in time with no warning. These attacks typically last up to half an hour, but will peak 10 minutes into the attack. The symptoms can be similar to  heart attack symptoms causing some people to feel as if they are about to die. After experiencing an anxiety attack for the first time more can commonly follow as the fear of having another one grows.

Stress is mostly responsible for causing anxiety attacks; it can begin from simple instances in life, such as studying for an exam, giving public speeches, attending job interviews, or attending important events. We feel stressed over these things as it is our body’s way of preparing us for events we may have worries about. If you are feeling too much stress and it is making your life troublesome then you may in fact be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of Anxiety

The symptoms and treatments of Anxiety disorderAnxiety disorders can go ignored by many people as they shrug it off as simple symptoms of stress, although the two share symptoms, this is not the case. Anxiety attacks can take control of your body preventing you from achieving day to day goals. Anxiety disorder can be detected if you are suffering from any of these symptoms:

  • Trembling
  • Heart palpitations
  • Loss of breath
  • Losing control
  • Feeling insane
  • Stomach pains


The most basic and risk free form of controlling your anxiety is through cognitive-behavioural therapy, it focuses on improving your state of mind by turning negative thoughts into more happier positive ones. When diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, patients will go through therapy depending on the case before medication comes into practise.

Exposure therapy is another method used, it works by finding the situations that trigger the anxiety attacks and exposes the patients to them, over time the patient will gain more control over the situation and will be capable of facing their fears, putting a stop to the anxiety attacks caused by them.

The symptoms and treatments of Anxiety disorderA benzodiazepine tranquilizer can be used for acute attacks, it works to decrease the severity of the attack and even shorten how long they typically last for.

Benzodiazepine works affectively but comes with many bad side effects such as queasiness, drowsiness, and some patients even claim they were unable to coordinate properly. Worse side effects exist for higher doses of the tranquilizer.

Anti-anxiety medications can also be used for long term affects, but again can come with bad side effects, making it important to consult a doctor before trying any form of anti-anxiety medication.

These drugs can become addicting in some cases and over time the doses will lose effect forcing patients to take higher and higher doses, therapy has been proven to help stop anxiety completely and has no bad side effects making it a preferred form of treatment for sufferers of anxiety.

With treatment anxiety attacks can be helped, if you find yourself suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, consult a professional for further help and a thorough diagnosis to prevent any possible anxiety attacks. Therapy has been proven to help in many cases improving the lives and happiness of many people previously suffering from anxiety disorders.

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