Everyone deals with worry occasionally. While it can be considered a motivational factor in certain predicaments, worry and anxiety can be more of a hindrance than a positive thing. For some people, worry can be debilitating and interfere with daily life. If you happen to find yourself anxious or worried for hours on end, or if you notice your stress and worries overtaking your life, it may mean you are battling anxiety. Here are some solutions and effective ways you can conquer and relieve anxiety on your own.

Make a Note of It

Conquer Anxiety Without the Aid of MedicationAre you constantly agonizing about some of your worries? If so, why not jot it down. By writing it down in a journal or just making small notes, you can be more self-observant and reflective about what is truly causing your anxiousness. Once you’ve understood what is triggering your anxiety, you can then take the necessary steps to overcome these fears and worries. Further more, sometimes when you take the time to reflect, you may come to the conclusion these issues aren’t as serious as you initially thought. If you notice you are constantly wound up during the day due to your anxiousness, make sure to keep a journal to unwind and reflect at the end of each night.

Make Sure to Keep Perspective

By writing down your fears and thoughts, you are now able to think more rationally and put these worries and fears into perspective. You can reflect and determine the probability these fears you are worried about will become reality. It’s also important to determine whether or not you have done all you can to provide a solution to your problems. Often times upon reflection, you may come to understand you are more in control of your fears than you originally thought.Through reflection, you can come to the conclusion these fears were exacerbated by a negative outlook.

Create a Plan For Yourself

Once you have taken the step to write down the root of your fears and anxiety, you will need to figure out a plan on how to conquer your anxiousness about these things. For each worry or fear you have, make a note about what you will do to overcome your stress and prevent an anxiety attack from happening. Outline a plan and always look back to it. Knowing you have a plan of action can make you feel loads better.

Learn How to Relax

Conquer Anxiety Without the Aid of MedicationIf you happen to notice you are suffering from physical ailments of stress and anxiety, you should take the time and learn how to relax. Symptoms such as muscle aches, headaches, or stomachaches are all signs you can be dealing with too much anxiety. With some techniques, you can learn how to regain control and ultimately relax during a high stress situation. Here are some simple techniques you can utilize during high stress situations:

  • Controlled breathing: Take a deep breath in your nose and exhale out your mouth after counting to five. Do this for at least five minutes to relieve some tension.
  • Muscle relaxation: Start from the body of your body at your toes. Tense up each muscle for about ten seconds and then release. Repeat this process until you’ve reached your face.
  • Yoga: A great way to relax and meditate is to going to a class. Once you’ve learned some meditative methods from the class, you can use the techniques whenever you are feeling worried.

If these solutions or remedies have little to no effect on your stress, you may want to speak with a professional. Sometimes the guidance of a therapist can help you through your difficult situation. If your anxiety is overwhelming your day to day like, you have the condition known as GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. If you are diagnosed with GAD, you may need assistance in getting rid of your anxiety with professional therapy and medication.

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