There are many people who wish to find a solution to their anxiety. However, many are afraid to take prescription medication due to the negative side effects often associated with these drugs. If you are a person who is interested in effectively alleviating your anxiety without prescription drugs, here are some natural alternatives and remedies.

A Healthy Lifestyle

A great way you can help yourself in the battle of anxiety is to have a healthier lifestyle. This means you should get enough rest, maintain a healthy diet, have an effective exercise regiment, and also stay hydrated. Having a healthy lifestyle helps to combat some of physical symptoms associated with anxiety. For example, if you are getting enough sleep, you may notice you aren’t as fatigued as you used to be. These factors can add up to the larger battle against your anxiety.

Eat Nutriously

Natural Ways to Alleviate Your AnxietyA healthy diet doesn’t mean restricting your calories. It means you should incorporate nutritiously dense food. This means a balanced diet filled with protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. A great way to do this is to eliminate as much processed food as possible. Instead, load your fridge and pantry with whole grains, lean meats, good for you vegetables, and fruits. You should also make sure drink enough water and stay hydrated. Some nutrients or vitamins you should focus on getting to help reduce anxiety are: biotin, magnesium, folic acid, calcium, pantothenic acid, and niacin. You can find these nutrients in my foods such as peas, cauliflower, lentils, lean proteins like chicken, and also fish. Of course, if you are allergic to one of these foods, it is best to avoid it.

If you notice you are very jittery, pay attention to how much caffeine you have. Whether it’s coffee or soda, caffeine is caffeine. While companies may tout caffeine aids in mental clarity, focus, and energy, those who are susceptible to anxiety may notice their anxiousness increase. Instead, if you maintain a healthy, nutritious diet, you’ll notice your energy levels rise.

Get Enough Rest and Exercise

Natural Ways to Alleviate Your AnxietyA big contributor to anxiety is lack of sleep. So it is extremely important for you to get a full night of quality sleep. Being well rested also helps you to take control of your emotions and thoughts.

While a good night sleep can help you think more clearly, exercising is a great way to relieve anxiety. When you exercise, you release endorphin’s which are the hormones which help to create those feel good feelings in your brain.

Another bonus to exercising regularly is maintaining a balanced weight and strong body.

Other Natural Remedies and Techniques

In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, other techniques such as aromatherapy, mediation, and deep breathing all help to lower anxiety. Take a bit of time out of your day and focus on these techniques in a darkened and quiet room. The culmination of all three of these practices will yield better results than if done separately. Certain herbal scents such as sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, and rose are effective in calming nerves.

Reach Out to Someone

Natural Ways to Alleviate Your AnxietyWhile anxiety can cause you to be shy or self-conscious in a social situation, sometimes the best remedy is to speak to someone. Speak to someone who is close to you and tell them what is on your mind. You may find it a huge relief to get this mental burden off your chest. It can also be helpful to get another’s perspective as well.

Anxiety treatments are not a one size fits all. You may need to experiment with these different remedies until you find one which fits you the best.

Ultimately, if you keep a positive attitude and push through this difficult time, you will succeed in getting your anxiety under control.

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