Those who suffer with panic attacks or disorders know just how debilitating they can be. Sometimes these attacks can happen quickly, with no warning whatsoever and last for an extended amount of time. Victims of a panic disorder often realize they will never know exactly when a panic attack can occur which results their inability to enjoy life. Many sufferers will avoid all types of activities and experiences due to previous panic attacks or fears of new ones.

What Are Some of the Symptoms?

What is a Panic Disorder and How Should You Treat It?Panic attacks are not cookie cutter and everyone may experience the attack differently.

However, there are a few common symptoms people do experience:

  • Rapid heart beat or palpitations
  • The inability to breathe normally
  • Trembling
  • Sweating or a hot flash
  • Tightness or pain in the chest
  • Nausea
  • Chills
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Cramps

Educate Yourself and Find Treatment

In order to properly treat your panic disorder, you will need to educate yourself before determining what type of medicine and therapy you need.

For those who are interested in seeing a psychotherapist, you will most likely have private one-on-one sessions with the therapist for a short period of time. Generally, you will learn how to cope with your panic disorder and also learn effective ways to cope and prevent an attack from happening.

What is a Panic Disorder and How Should You Treat It?When you learn how to identify your panic attack symptoms, you can drastically decrease the length of time and also the severity of your attack. Your therapist will also be likely to delve deeper into your fears and help you to understand why they cause the irrational thinking or behavior you have. By understanding these fears aren’t rational, you can reduce how intense of an attack you have. Some therapists may even go further and have you be exposed to something or a situation that can trigger your attack.

By being put directly into the situation, you can learn you are in control of how you feel and how you react which is another positive reinforcement to conquering your panic disorder.

Should You Take Medication?

Many times, people will want to avoid taking prescription medication to treat their disorder. Since there are many side effects, some which are harmful, it is always a good idea to avoid medication unless you absolutely need it. Another reason why medication is not always the answer is due to the fact it only treats the symptoms of your panic disorder, it doesn’t get to the core of why you are suffering from it.

Effective Self-Help Techniques

What is a Panic Disorder and How Should You Treat It?There are certain effective treatments you can do on your own to help you in your battle against your panic disorder. Taking the time to speak with friends or finding a local support group is a great way to express your thoughts all while getting another point of view.

Meditation, acupuncture, or massage therapy are also viable ways you can help relieve your stress and the amount of panic attacks you experience.

These treatments can be very effective in aiding you to reduce the amount of panic attacks you have.

Whether or not you need a combination of treatments or just therapy alone, taking the proper steps to properly diagnose and treat yourself can drastically improve your daily life.

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