Basic Information: What is Anxiety Balance?

This article will introduce and review a natural product called Anxiety Balance developed by Priority One Vitamins. It boasts its’ ability to relax your brain by releasing more serotonin, thus, easing the symptoms of anxiety. PureFormulas, the company selling it, entices customers to sign up via their email to receive information and specials by offering 15% off of their first order. This preservative-free, 100% vegetarian capsule comes with a warning to all pregnant or nursing moms to seek out the advice of a physician before beginning this product.


Each bottle holds 45 capsules with a suggested daily dosage of one capsule. Since there are 45 capsules per bottle, customers will enjoy a product that will last longer which means a better value for the money. One advantage of this natural supplement is that you do not have to take this product at a specific time of day, with or without a meal. That is convenient.


These capsules contain a long list of pure ingredients.

  • 25mg Thiamine
  • 25mg Niacin
  • 5mg Magnesium
  • 75mg Griffonia Simplicifolia
  • 100mg Gamma Amino Butyric Acid
  • 80mg Lemon Balm Cyracos Extract
  • 13mg Hops
  • 25mg L-Glutamic Acid
  • 7mg Passionflower, Blue
  • 50mg Rhodiola Rosea
  • 50mg Jujube Seed

In addition to the main ingredients above, Anxiety Balance is also comprised of these additional ones: Silicon Dioxide, Rice Chelate, Cyclodextrin and Maltodextrin.

For those consumers whom tend to have a lot of allergies, you can rest your mind knowing that Anxiety Balance by Priority One does not contain any GMOs, BPA, additives, Phthalate and has GMP certification. Their GMP certification means that this company’s product is being held to certain high levels of standard regarding manufacturing practices. A definite plus for building customer confidence.


The whopping price tag of $31.50 for this product seems a little steep. Although it does last for 45 days since the dosage calls for one capsule per day. If you shop around on the web, you will find some lower prices, as well as, some higher prices up to $60 for 90 capsules. PureFormulas, the website selling this item, even figures the price for each serving or one capsule which is .70 per capsule. They do a great job of showing the customer the value of buying their product.

What To Expect

If you’re looking for an herbal supplement that could potentially work to maintain a healthy mood, you might want to try Priority One’s Anxiety Balance

The makers of Anxiety Balance do not give any specifics on just how long it will take for consumers to start feeling the effects.

Keep An Eye Out

This manufacturer does not list any side effects for their product, however, Anxiety Balance has not been checked out by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. Warnings to keep this commodity out of the hands of children. Without knowing the possible side effects along with the lack of FDA approval makes this product’s success a challenge.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Even though, Anxiety Balance has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the PureFormulas website does offer their customers a full refund, money back guarantee including coverage of all shipping and restocking fees. This company also offers fast shipping for free.

The Bottom Line

The lack of FDA approval, in conjunction with, the high sticker price makes this brand less competitive against other products in the market that offer these things and more.

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