Basic Information:  What is Anxiety and Depression Supplement?

Anxiety and Depression Supplement from Amazing Herbal Remedies is an Ayurvedic product which means 5,000 year old medicinal practices in India. This item allegedly diminishes drepression, stress and anxiety while also helping nervous disorders and those with sleeplessness. Dig a little deeper and find out exactly what this product is all about.


According to the manufacturer, only one capsule is necessary for desired results. This capsule should be taken daily with milk. There is no reason given as to why their product must be taken with milk. It could be for better absorption or it could also be to make it digest easier in the stomach. Unfortunately, consumers do not like to guess at medications, herbal or otherwise.


The 500 mg Ayurvedic concoction contains:

  • Manduckiperni
  • Jatamansi
  • Ashwagandha
  • Sankh Pushpi
  • Mulethi

Each of these organic ingredients works individually to help control and balance the function of the brain’s neurons. This, in turn, helps with levels of dopamine, serotonin and others to support treatment of stress, anxiety and depression.


Since Amazing Herbal Remedies is located in New Delhi, India, their prices are listed in Indian Rupees. But once converted to US dollars, the price of this commodity is just a little over $24. Not too bad of a price for a bottle of 30 capsules that will last you a whole month. Keep in mind when you if you do order from this company, it will be a little bit of a difficult process because their costs are calculated in foreign currency.

What To Expect

This company goes a long way to answer most questions consumers find themselves asking. They have a very detailed area on their website where consumers can see answers given to some of their more common questions. This product apparently takes anywhere from one week to four weeks for the customer to really start feeling the long term results. In fact, the makers claim customers can feel pain relief within one week and less anxiety within two weeks.

Keep An Eye Out

When asked about side effects, the creators say many clinical studies have been performed on this item and they have yet to see ANY side effects from this product. Since Amazing Herbal Remedies makes all of their supplements from only vegetative extracts, every one of them is raw, pure and completely safe.  They also state that this product can be used by females and males of all ages.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

This company does not offer any kind of money back guarantee or full refund program that can be found. Keeping in mind that their website is not designed like the conventional ones making it difficult to find certain areas like returns, shipping, refunds, etc… You get the picture.

Even though, there is no guarantee listed, this company does provide two physicians whom specialize in herbal supplements and Ayurvedic formulas. These doctors have extensive educational and research backgrounds in Ayurvedic medicines so this does add reliability and accountability to the claims being made by these manufacturers.

The Bottom Line

Amazing Herbal Remedies does have a massive website offering a wide scale of all-organic products that have been created using the Ayurvedic formulas which the Indian culture has believed in for many centuries. It is difficult for the average buyer to shop on a foreign website since their are communication gaps among cultures. This product likely does much of what it says it does, but with so many other choices out there that are less complicated, why would consumers choose this one.


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