This is a review for Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions Anxiety, for anxiety brought on by stress. It claims to relieve occasional anxiousness and irritability caused by daily stressors.

Basic Information: What is ‘Anxiety’

Anxiety, for anxiety brought on by stress is a plant based solution to daily stress triggers and anxiety. It is for occasional relief but not for the long term physical manifestations of a stressful daily life.


Anxiety contains a blend of Fig Tree buds, Lime Tree buds, Silver Birch seeds, Lepidolite, and Hypothalamus.

Dr. Garber’s website does not provide any information as to the active ingredients or any possible side effects. Indeed, it is hard to imagine the effects of some of these ingredients on anxiety. Lepidolite is a healing crystal and hypothalamus is the section of the brain which controls hormone production.

This product also contains 15% Ethanol USP.


The directions listed on the website are for a different product from the anxiety relief product. The instructions for the use of Anxiety have not been found.


The price for the bottle is $29.99 however it is unclear what size the bottle is or how much will be consumed per dose because of the missing instructions. Dr. Garber’s also offers $5 off your first order.

What to Expect

It is difficult to tell what to expect from this product because of the conflicting ingredients and the lack of instructions. In his blog post on Anxiety, there is no further information listed. Instead, they refer to natural tools including alcohol avoidance, regular exercise, restful sleep and healthy eating habits.

Dr. Garber’s general rule is that some people might see results on the first dose and some might not see results for two weeks.

Keep an Eye Out

You might assume that the potential side effects of Lime Tree buds might be relatively harmless. However, Lepidolite and Hypothalamus might prove to be more complicated. Consult your physician before consuming this product.

Dr. Garber’s Anxiety contains ethanol as a product of the fermentation process. If you cannot tolerate alcohol, avoid this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Dr. Garber’s does not provide any guarantee. The product returns process is not straightforward. It requires filling in a form and suggests that returns are only accepted if there was an error on the part of the shipping team at Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions.

The Bottom Line

The lack of clear instructions for the product combined with a more unorthodox ingredient list that goes unexplained leaves the user confused and slightly alarmed. There are no available reviews on the website and the frequently asked questions steer the conversation away from direct products themselves. The use of Ethanol in the products renders the product unusable for anyone with an issues towards to alcohol. If this product works as suggested, it would be suitable only for those who want immediate and short term relief to their anxiety.

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