This is a review for Calm-DN by Dehlvi Naturals. Calm-DM claims to reduce not only daily anxiety but long term anxiety through a joint effort between the body and the mind.

Basic Information: What is ‘Calm-DN’

Calm-DN is an a supplement made from 5 Indian botanical herbs that claims to restore mental peace and induce natural sleep. Calm-DN is for people who suffer from indications such as chronic and nervous anxiety, social anxiety disorder, behavioral disorders, emotional disturbances or insomnia.


Take one or two capsules twice daily after meals with water. You should continue on this dosage as long as your symptoms are present. As they dissipate, you should begin to reduce the dosage. Continue taking the product even after your symptoms have disappeared.

Before taking this medicine

The ingredients include:

  • Brahmi
  • Dharu
  • Kali Mirch
  • Shankapushpi
  • Chota Chand

There is little information given on the effects and uses of these herbs. Khali Mirch is another name for black peppercorns. Khali Mirch contain phytonutrients which help fight disease.


The capsules come in packages of 28 but not price is listed on the website.

Calm-DM does not specify anyone who should be cautious taking this medicine or who should avoid it completely. They offer no side effects or contraindications.

What to Expect

Calm-DN says that there are no side effects to be expected with this supplement. However, the dietary advice suggests that you should avoid or restrict the following foods: alcohol, caffeine, carbohydrates, chocolates, sugar, sweets, orange squash, refined foods, dairy, soy, citrus, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, fish, eggs, and corn.

The ingredient Brahmi may also have side effects such as increased bowel movements and stomach cramps.

Keep an Eye Out

Calm-DN claims there are no side effects with the supplement. However, Brahmi extract is considered to be only possibly safe when taken by mouth and only short term – less than 12 weeks.

Many of the other ingredients are used specifically for increasing memory and intellect or for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, not specifically for relaxation or anxiety. There has not been very much Western medical research into the effectiveness of the ingredients in Calm-DN

Manufacturer’s Commitment

It is never explained exactly how Calm-DN will help you relax. Also, in order to see the price for their products, you have to send away an email and wait for a response. The ‘Contact Us’ function on their website is disabled.

The Bottom Line

Based on the lack of price and communication, buying supplements from Dehlvi Naturals looks complicated at best. The insistence on a lack of side effects and contraindications seems not only suspicious but reckless. The botanicals used in this product are mostly unknown in the West and research is only just beginning into these herbs. They give no time line of effectiveness and they also insist that you continue to take the supplements for weeks after the disappearance of your symptoms when research suggests that one of the five ingredients- Brahmi – is only safe for short term use.


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