Basic Information:  What is Calms Forte’?

Here we are going to review Calms Forte’ by Hyland’s. It is an all natural product that professes to help ease tension and worry allowing for a better night’s sleep. This review will take a look at their claims and whether they are substantiated or not.


This item comes with separate dosing instructions for both children six to 11 and those 12 and older.

Consumers 12 and older can consumer one to two caplets up to three times daily as needed while those little ones under 12 are recommended to take only one caplet up to three times every day. If attempting to use the product for better sleep, it is suggested that adults 12 and older take one to three caplets at least 30 minutes to one hour prior to bedtime. For six to 11 years of age, the dosage for sleep is one to two caplets 30 minutes to an hour before bed.


This product offers all natural ingredients that they say will help to reduce your tension and stress that hinder many nights of good sleep. Although they are not the active ingredients, those consumers whom have allergies to lactose, corn, tapioca or starch, should not use this product even though they are only found in small amounts.

Active Ingredients:

  • Biochemic Phosphates which help with cell function.
  • Chamomilla HPUS 2X treats nervousness.
  • Humulus Lupulus HPUS 1X Double Strength relieves insomnia.
  • Avena Sativa HPUS 1X Double Strength reduces worry and tension.
  • Passiflora HPUS 1X Triple Strength helps with sleeplessness when tired.

Inactive Ingredients: Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Lactose N.F., Starch (Corn and Tapioca).


Hyland’s website does not give prices available on their product, however, they do offer a store locator to help consumers find a store near them that carries this item. When searching for a price for this product, customers will find a wide range of prices based on the number of caplets in a bottle. The lowest price found for a bottle of 32 caplets was $8.49 and as much as $11.99 for a bottle of 100 caplets. The low prices for Calms Forte’ is definitely a pro when it comes to searching for a good product at a bargain price.

What to Expect

The manufacturer does not offer any details on how long it should take for you to feel the effects of this product. However, several customer reviews do comment that the product worked quickly for them. What they do claim is that this product is Diphenhydramine-free so consumers should have no groggy morning after experiences. The manufacturer warns that while this product can offer temporary symptomatic relief of nervous tension, it can cause occasional sleeplessness.

Keep an Eye Out

Looking at the product label, customers will see that this product does not show as having any side effects. They do, however, give a warning to pregnant or breastfeeding consumers to check first with their physician before consuming this product. It also says that if this product is ineffective and the symptoms continue for seven days or more, then you should see a doctor for other alternatives.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no mention of any kind of money back guarantee but then again the manufacturer’s site does not sell the product. If you purchase this product, you may want to check the selling website for a product guarantee. Although, this manufacturer doesn’t offer a guarantee, customers can sign up to receive monthly coupons for various Hyland’s products. They also have a 24-hr, 7-day a week 1-800 number to call the manufacturer regarding emergency information about their product.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Hyland’s Calms Forte’ sounds like a product that could deliver some relief for anxiety, stress and problems sleeping. However, the lack of any guarantee and the fact that it can cause sleeplessness makes us worried. Out of many anxiety products viewed, Calms Forte’ has one of the lowest selling prices on the market. A cheaply priced product usually indicates that the ingredients being used are not high quality.

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