Basic Information:  What is Stress and Anxiety Relief

This article will review a product known as Stress and Anxiety Relief by a company called Ethical Nutrients. They claim that this product helps to lighten the effects that are caused by nervousness, tension and anxiety.


The makers of this commodity, Ethical Nutrients, suggest that consumers whom are looking for a regular management program for stress ailments should take one capsule daily. Additionally, for those consumers looking for relief from anxiety are recommended to take two capsules two times each day. It does not specify what time of day or whether you must eat a meal or not.


Each capsule is made from an organic vegetable derivative.

  • 200mg of LactiumPURE or Alpha-casozepine enriched hydrolysed milk protein

LactiumPURE contains Lactium which has calming and relaxing qualities but LactiumPURE does not contain intact casein which is the ingredient that causes milk allergies in people. So for those consumers looking for a product that fits their allergy and nutrient needs, Stress and Anxiety Relief may just be the product for you. In addition, this item also contains lactose so those whom are lactose-intolerant should find another product.


Unfortunately, there is no information about pricing on the manufacturer’s websites. After researching the web, there were several retail sites that carry this product, however, their prices are varied. The average price for a 30-capsule bottle is about $25.55. That is a pretty reasonable price. Although it does depend on what dosage you will be following.

What to Expect

There are no statistics or data showing consumers just how long they will have to wait before getting relief from their stress and anxiety symptoms. Ethical Nutrients does warn consumers to see a physician if your symptoms don’t subside.  Without product details, customers will find it difficult to take a chance on a product that may or may not work.

Keep An Eye Out

The creators of Stress and Anxiety Relief do not declare any side effects when it comes to their product. Although they do not specify side effects, they can assure consumers that this commodity is free of gluten, artificial colors/flavors, yeast, salt, cereals, nuts, eggs, corn, wheat and starches. At least consumers can rest their minds knowing that many of the common allergy ingredients are not found in this product. They also warn against children under the age of one consuming this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

This manufacturer may believe in their product but nowhere is there any refund information or a money back guarantee of any kind. Most of the natural supplements out there come with, at least, some kind of guarantee or refund process.

The Bottom Line

Stress and Anxiety Relief may be a great product, but the lack of information and details leaves the consumer with more questions than answers. Ethical Nutrients does not offer up a lot of information about their product, including no mention of a warranty, lack of prices, no customer reviews. This leaves us wondering if this product is as great as it claims to be.


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