Basic Information:  What is Fusion Health?

Fusion Health is the company responsible for the creation of this product designed to help you manage stress, therefore, creating a calmer you that can focus and think more clearly. They profess that this item brings together two ancient cultures, Ayurvedic and Chinese, for an ancient herbal blend that helps alleviate tension and panic replacing them with more energy, peacefulness, focus and more.


One tablet carries a massive 5000mg solution of organic materials that come together to make a special calm-inducing product.

Consumers over the age of 12 can take one to two tablets once a day while anyone ages 6 to 12 should only take 1/2 of one tablet one time daily. For those consumers whom are looking for a little extra boost, you can take an extra dose for increased effects.

Those consumers whom are pregnant or under the age of six should NOT consume this product.


One of these tablets has a total of 5000mg of primitive herbal ingredients that combine to make our final formula.

  • 1500mg Ocimum Tenuiflorum or Sacred Basil – helps with body aches and pain
  • 350mg Citrus Reticulata – treats insomnia, stress and tension
  • 500mg Poria cocos – helps with sleep issues, strain and panic
  • 1000mg Magnolia Officinalis – treats fear, stress, depression
  • 1250mg Withania Somnifera – cures trouble sleeping, anxiety, aches and pain
  • 400mg Polygala Sibirica – helps with mental relaxation, forgetfulness, sleeplessness


This commodity comes in a bottle that holds 60 large tablets which will last the customer for at least 30 days. But the price of this product seems quite steep at $39.95 per bottle.

There are no various options for delivery or bulk deals. So if you are looking for a special price then keep looking.

What To Expect

Unfortunately, this company does not provide consumers with any information regarding how long it takes to feel the effects of their products, nor do they give any indication of just what long term effects you can expect. It will be difficult for consumers to gauge when the product is working if they don’t even know what they’re looking for.

For centuries, people in India and China have lived by the rule of herbal substances and materials. And when you look at their lifestyles and cultures, you can see why people have such respect for their belief in organic herbs used for medicinal purposes.

Keep An Eye Out

Since Fusion Health’s products are all organic herbs, there really are no side effects. But it really adds trust and belief in a company and its’ product if they let you know that there are no side effects. Why not capitalize on that fact?

Other than a warning for pregnant mothers, as well as, children under the age of six, the manufacturer does not express when to call the physician or not.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Fushion Health’s Stress & Anxiety has not been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration as of yet. This may just be the reason why the creators of this product do not offer any kind of guarantee to back their product. In fact, you can only return an item if you let them know within five days of receipt of the package. This product is a real let down.


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