Basic Information:  What is Anxiety Soother?

This review will take a look at a product called Anxiety Soother by the makers Herb Pharm. Anxiety Soother is made from an herbal combination of Passion Flower and Kava both of which help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. This product is made of a creative formula that combines calm-inducing herbs that have been used for generations.


Herb Pharm’s Anxiety Soother should be taken in between meals. The acceptable and recommended dosage is one capsule taken two to three times every day. Each bottle of Anxiety Soother holds 60 capsules so this product should last you at minimum 20 days if you are using it the maximum times each day.


  • 115mg Kava Rhizome and root extract
  • 34mg Kavalactones
  • 270mg medicinal mix of Passionflower flowering herb extract, Albizia stem bark extract, Ashwagandha root extract.

Processing ingredients: acacia gum, maltodextrin and silica. The capsules themselves are 100% vegetarian.


Each 60-capsule bottle is advertised by the manufacturer for $28.00. The company does offer several savings packages where if you purchase more products with certain price totals, then you will receive free shipping of some fashion. For instance, if you purchase more than $50 in total then standard shipping is free. Purchasing over $100 total gets you free standard, as well as, free 3-day shipping and so on.

What to Expect

Although the company does not tell you just how long it will take for you to see results, they do stress that this product as vegetarian and free of GMOs and gluten. So, for all of you vegan nuts out there or you consumers that have allergies to gluten, Anxiety Soother could be a good choice. For those customers that experience symptoms of liver conditions while taking this item, you should stop use immediately and see your physician for advice. Some of the symptoms you could see are: pale stools, dark urine, fatigue, poor appetite, jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes) and abdomen pain.

Keep an Eye Out

Consumers should avoid driving or running machinery while taking this commodity as it is shown to diminish your aptitude to drive. Reiterating what was covered earlier, consumers should NOT ingest alcohol while consuming this product. Additionally, those consumers whom are under the age of 18 years, are nursing or pregnant should NOT take this product. Herb Pharm, the manufacturer of Anxiety Soother, does give an FDA warning that says those consumers with prior or current liver conditions and those that consume alcohol frequently should not proceed with taking this product as liver damage has been reported when using Kava herb.

The numerous warnings about this product and its’ ingredient Kava should make customers take a look elsewhere for a product with less negatives and more positives.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Well, Herb Pharm offers somewhat of a guarantee. If the customer is not happy with their product, Herb Pharm asks that you let them know within seven days of purchase. That is just not enough time for any product to prove its’ worth. Moreover, they do not offer a refund, but, instead, you can receive a replacement or a credit to purchase something else with them in the future. Consumers want to buy products that work. But if they don’t then you should be able to get your money back in some form or another.

The Bottom Line

This product leaves us feeling skeptical. The multiple warnings against use for certain reasons in addition to the lack of any kind of real satisfaction guarantee puts this product at the bottom of the list for good choices.  Clearly, there are better choices that will offer much more benefit with less negatives.


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