Basic Information:  What is Stress HRX?

In this review of Stress HRX, manufactured by Herbal Destination, you will read about an organic additive that is based on an herbal concoction that is centuries old, Stress HRX maintains that it integrates four main herbal extracts to create this formula which is said to allay feelings of frustration and stress so that you can enjoy a calmer, more relaxing mood.


Stress HRX comes in the form of a vegetarian capsule which should be consumed two capsules at a time once daily with food. The maker of this item warns against ingesting alcohol within three hours of taking this product. The manufacturer stresses that the consumer should give this product a few days before feeling the full benefits of its’ formula.


  • 690mg of BNA 522 Stress Complex or Ashwagandha Powder Root
  • Aqueous Extract of Ashwagandha Root
  • Aqueous Extract of Bacopa
  • Aqueous Extract of Jatamansi

Added ingredients: Vegetable Stearic Acid and Oat fiber.

Does NOT contain any GMOs.


One package of Stress HRX holds 60 vegetarian capsules and sells for the low price of $20. Considering the dosage indicated, a bottle of this item should last you an entire month if taken as directed. The price of $20 seems quite reasonable for this amount of supplement.

What to Expect

Herbal Destination, the company that created and manufactured Stress HRX advises their customers that are breastfeeding, pregnant or even if you are taking prescribed medications to seek out medical advice from your family physician before taking this product.

Moreover, for those customers whom take prescribed medications for their thyroid should also see a physician prior to starting this product.

A few days is all it takes before the consumer should feel the full effects of Stress HRX according to their manufacturer.

Keep an Eye Out

Stress HRX claims to be free of gluten, yeast, fish, wheat, artificial flavors/sweeteners, milk and starch. These are some of the most common foods that people are allergic to. So Stress HRX would be a great choice for those with allergies to any of the above ingredients.

The creator of Stress HRX, Herbal Destination, utilizes a special testing method called FTIR or Fourier Transform Infra Red Analysis which conveys the product’s strength, consistency and purity.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

This company offers customers a 100% full refund including shipping and handling on unopened products only. If the items have already been opened then returns are done on an individual basis. The problem with a refund guarantee like this one is that no one is going to return the product without trying it first so obviously the package is not going to be unopened. Not much of a guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this product falls closer to the bottom of the list of choices for anxiety treatment. Without a guarantee, customers will shy away from this item. It makes us curious why their guarantee only includes unopened bottles. This is not helpful for customers who try the product and are not satisfied with it. Although it does not really have any side effects and does boasts its’ vegetarian appeal, Stress HRX gets lost among anxiety products since there are many more on the market that would offer much more.


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