Immortal Calm is a herbal remedy which, as its name suggest, promotes calm in the body; this review will explore its claims to relieve stress and anxiety.

Basic Information: What is “Immortal Calm”?

Immortal Calm is mixture of herbs and natural supplements which promises the user a greater feeling of calm and well being in the body. When taken as directed, the formula offers instant stress relief, with also cumulative stress relief when taken over a longer period of time. The major ingredients in Immortal Calm are L-theanine and a Chinese herb blend, hinted at in the Chinese characters which appear on the bottle label. Immortal Calm is gluten-free, GMO-free and Vegan.


It is not clear from the packaging how much of the product should be taken at a time. As with all medications or supplements it is best to consult your doctor before taking them.


  • L-theanine– an amino acid, which is easily recognized by the brain and put to work creating those feelings of well-being sought after by users. The FDA has agreed that L-theanine does decrease stress, and is also a safe relaxing agent for the body.
  • reishi– a tonic used in traditional Chinese medicine to relax the body, promote recovery from illness, and reduce intestinal trouble.
  • gynostemma– a dietary balancing agent
  • ginseng–improves physical performance and increases the ability to withstand physical and mental stress
  • astragalus–supports the muscular system


The 500 mg capsules are sold in bottles of 60 each for $54.95, which comes down to a little over 90 cents a pill. One can assume the dosage would be about a pill a day which is not a bad price for a natural supplement. There also seems to be a special sale currently which brings the price of one pill down to 58 cents ($34.95 a bottle).

What to Expect

The manufacturers of Immortal Calm describe feelings of calm within 30 minutes of taking the supplement, as well as greater results when the product is taken regularly.

Keep an Eye Out

As with all medicines, natural or otherwise, be sure that Immortal Calm is compatible with any other medications you are already taking. Also, be advised that taking any stress reliever for an extended period of time can inhibit the body’s natural production of stress relieving hormones. It is best to take supplements under the supervision of a natural health practitioner.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which can be helpful for the customer when buying online as the amount of active ingredient in each pill is not specifically listed. That information is necessary when consulting with your medical practitioner before taking this supplement.

The Bottom Line

The manufacturer does go into great detail about the positive effects of each ingredient of Immortal Calm, however, there is no mention of suggested dosage, nor any hints of dosage for persons at risk (high blood pressure, prenatal or postnatal consumers, etc) which brings to mind that either the product is rather ineffectual or the information has been omitted. By their disclaimer of lack of FDA approval, one would guess the former.

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