This review of Rhodiola Rosea Extract manufactured by Lewtress Health will explore the product’s claims to relieve stress and anxiety in addition to the various price and quality control considerations.

Basic Information: What is “Rhodiola Rosea Extract”

Rhodiola Rosea Extract is an over the counter product designed to ease anxiety and stress. This product also claims to have anti-aging properties, increase mental focus, increase sexual drive, and deliver better sleep., as well as being a mood enhancer. These are all great claims, and the list of benefits continues further down this page.

Additionally, Rhodiola Rosea Extract claims to be all natural, with no artificial fillers or preservatives.


The suggested dosage for Rhodiola Rosea Extract is one to two tablets per day, or as directed by your healthcare profession. One should always seek a doctor’s advice before taking Rhodiola Rosea Extract.


Rhodiola Rosea Extract includes the following ingredients:

Rhodiola Rosea root extract

Amount: 460mg

Rosavins 38:1 standardized to 3.19%

Amount: less than 14mg per capsule

Rhodiola Rosea Extract are vegetable capsules and are also suitable for vegan and vegetarian consumption.

Reader must note that Rhodiola Rosea Extract may contain additional ingredients not listed, as the ingredients above are mentioned as primary ingredients. This product is said to contain only natural ingredients, however.

The page for Rhodiola Rosea Extract also fails to include more information about these ingredients in order to educate potential buyers further on these ingredients.

One bottle of Rhodiola Rosea Extract contains 60 tablets.


The basic price for the purchase of Rhodiola Rosea Extract is $29.99, which is mid-range compared to other products of its kind. If it works as advertised, it is a fair price. One can also purchase two or three bottles for a lower price.

What to Expect

The claim made by Rhodiola Rosea Extract is that it will help you in the following ways:

  • Helps you in coping with stress
  • Fights mental and physical stress
  • Increased libido
  • Higher energy levels
  • Keeps your body relaxed and  free from stress
  • Increased concentration and mental focus
  • Contains mood-enhancing quality
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Slows down the ageing process

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The reader should note that this product does not come with any kind of money back guarantee, which is unfortunate, as those buying an unproven product such as this will want to have some way of testing it first to see if it will indeed deliver all that is promised.

Also of note is that this product does not seem to have the endorsement of the the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or of other departments serving the same function.

The Bottom Line

The list of claims made by Rhodiola Rosea Extract is long. It stops just short of promising you a longer life, and you will have to take their word for it should you choose to go with this product, seeing as Rhodiola Rosea Extract is just unproven.

Since Rhodiola Rosea Extract does not come with the money back guarantee that other similar products come with, and considering the price is not lower than other products of its kind, you might want go with the other products first.


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