Basic Information:  What is Anx Anxiety & Tension

This review will be examining Anx Anxiety & Tension, a product manufactured and distributed by Liddlell Laboratories. This item professes to relieve nervousness, tension, stress and anxiety briefly. Anx Anxiety & Tension supposedly provides quick relief for any and all symptoms related with being tensed and stressed. The manufacturer does suggest that women whom are nursing or pregnant seek out advice from a physician prior to consuming this product just as a safety precaution.


Persons 12 and under should NOT consume Anx Anxiety & Tension.  All others 12 years of age and older should use two sprays sublingual or under the tongue three times daily. It is safe to increase usage up to six times daily maximum for those consumers with elevated symptoms.


  • Valeriana 3X helps lessen anxiousness
  • Passiflora 3X fights insomnia
  • Ignatia 200C reduces effects of fear
  • Hyoscyamus 200C helps with doubt and fear
  • Humulus 2X helps with clarity and confusion
  • Cinchona 6X reduces anxiety
  • Avena 1X lessens nervousness
  • Agnus 6X eases feelings of sadness

Other ingredients: purified water, organic alcohol 20% v/v.


At a price of $19.49, you receive a spray bottle of Anx Anxiety & Tension which holds 1 fluid oz or 30 ml. The manufacturer advertises this product as having a dose-accurate spray pump. Simple to take and absorbs quickly to start working right away.

If you shop around a bit, you will probably find a couple of lower price options from several retailers.

What to Expect

According to Liddell Laboratories, Anx Anxiety & Tension could cause a little discomfort when first taken, however, they say this is a good indication that the product is beginning to work. If you do have any irritations, then you should reduce your dosage to half or 1 spray instead of two sprays. After three or four days, you should be able to return to the recommended dose.

Keep an Eye Out

Again, this product claims to have no side effects of any kind except for mild discomfort which, according to the company, means the commodity is starting to work. Not totally sure that customers would agree with this not being a side effect. This will make them more weary of a product and less likely to purchase it.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Now when it comes to product guarantees, Liddell Laboratories stands behind their product. No matter the reason, just send back the unused portion back along with a receipt within 45 days following the purchase. The customer receives all of their money back, no questions asked. As far as the shipping costs, there is no mention of whether they cover this or not.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Liddell Laboratories does a great job of presenting their product in a straight-forward manner providing good information about their product at a pretty reasonable price. The only draw-back when it comes to this product is the fact that consumers may feel a discomforting side effect. It is difficult to choose a product when it comes to the effects it has on your body. Don’t overlook this point. Keep looking and you will most likely find something that offers similar or the same benefits but without the scary side effect.


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