What is Mind Calm Powder

This is a review for the natural supplement Mind Calm, manufactured by the brand Integrative Psychiatry. The product is said to have beneficial effects on people struggling with anxiety and mood swings.  Mind Calm is a powdered drink mix, which is used for treating stress-related disorders. Aside from its neuronal effects, the product is also said to promote healthy blood pressure.


The brief list of ingredients in the Mind Calm Powder is the following:

  • Magnesium, 75mg
  • Inositol, 2000mg
  • Taurine, 500mg
  • GABA, 100mg
  • L-Theanine, 50mg
  • Stevia leaf extract, 60mg

Magnesium is known for its calming effects. The Mind Calm Powder seems to contain the right combination of amino acids and natural substances in order for it to be up to par.


Although the recommended serving size is one scoop, the total daily dosage remains unknown. There’s no available information about whether consumers should use it more than once a day or take it whenever they feel the need to.


The product can be purchased in recipients containing approximately 60 serving cups. It’s difficult to say whether the price is acceptable or not, considering the fact that the product has not yet been acknowledged by the FDA. Moreover, there’s a limited number of customer reviews available online, which raises the following question: Is it truly effective?

Possible Side Effects

Although side effects have not yet been documented, the product is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Use in children must also be judicious and requires the aid of a pediatrician. It is recommended that buyers have a talk with their physician before starting the treatment.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Integrative Psychiatry is offering a return policy if unopened bottles are sent back in a matter of 25 days. Refunds are available if the products have not been tampered with. Products that are either refrigerated or perishable do not fall under the same rules. There isn’t any information about whether shipping and handling fees can be refunded.

The Bottom Line

Considering the fact that this is a natural supplement that contains ingredients which should help with anxiety, it should be effective. However, it is relatively unknown whether the product is actually safe to use. Consequently, customers are not given enough information from the manufacturer about side effects or possible issues associated with this product. There are a plethora of trusted products out there from which buyers can choose from, and most of them come with unbeatable certifications.

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