Basic Information:   What is Tranquility Formula

Today’s review will closely examine a product called Tranquility Formula and is created by Mountain Peak Nutritionals. This product allegedly assists in bringing harmony between all of the chemical processes in the brain that control your emotional and physical well-being. Let’s keep reading to learn more. Tranquility Formula is a nutritive supplement that, when taken, lessens signs of anxiety and stress while also helps bolster the individual’s brain neurological function.


The product’s label indicates that the proper dosage for relief is one to two capsules taken one or two times daily. There are no instructions on whether you need to take these with a meal or not. Six capsules is the maximum amount dosage that should be taken in 24 hours.


  • 100mcg Folinic Acid helps to create mood-managing neurotransmitters
  • 2mg Vitamin B6 as PyridoxineHCl – helps with absorption for stronger effect
  • .5mg Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate – helps with absorption as well
  • 100mcg Vitamin B12 aids the neurotransmitters so norepinephrine is lessened
  • 264mg Phenibut assists with reducing anxiety
  • 211mg L-Taurine helps with brain function

The only other ingredient in this product is simply vegetarian capsules.


Every bottle of Tranquility Formula comes with a generous 90 capsules for $40.00 per bottle. The retail website that is selling Tranquility Formula does not appear to offer free shipping unless you purchase over $65 worth of products from them. Customers can also order this item directly from the manufacturer, but they do not offer free shipping either.

What to Expect

Mountain Peak Nutritionals, the manufacturer of Tranquility Formula, does not give any indication of how long it takes before you will see results. Nevertheless, they do claim that their products are condition specific meaning they formulate their commodity so that it is treating exactly the issue that the patients are having. They also boast that there clinical trials proved that patients showed improved, clinical results and significantly enhanced patient outcome.

Keep an Eye Out

Tranquility does not give any current information about possible side effects. All the same, there are warnings given to keep this item out of the hands of children, as well as, a written suggestion for customers to see a physician before beginning this medication or any other for that matter. Those consumers whom are expecting or nursing, should NOT use this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

One thing that really encourages a customer to try a product without feeling like they’re wasting their money is when the manufacturer offers full refunds or satisfaction guarantees. Mountain Peak Nutritionals does allow for returns but only after they’ve been approved and must be within 30 days of purchase date.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this product falls somewhat short of consumer expectations. Not only does it come at a slightly costly price of $40, but the lack of a good refund or return policy customers will likely shy away from purchasing this one. Instead they will seek out something more straight-forward with a lower price. Moreover, there is no mention of side effects, which makes us wonder if there are any or if the manufacturer has left these facts out.


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