Basic Information:  What is Natrol Stress Anxiety Formula?

This will be an analysis of the natural substance Natrol Stress Anxiety Formula which alleges to provide relief for symptoms of anxiety and stress. Natrol has taken a mixture of different vitamins and ingredients that together supposedly make up this patented treatment for anxiety and stress.


Consumers are suggested to consume four capsules at one time with a meal. Strangely, the word warning appears at the bottom of this product’s ingredient label, yet there are no warnings listed. It is blank. Not quite sure if this was intentional or not but this will definitely make consumers weary of trying this item.


  • 100mg Vitamin C
  • 3mg Thiamine
  • 3.1mg Niacin
  • 4mg Vitamin B6
  • 140mg Calcium
  • 100mg Magnesium
  • 650mg L-Tyrosine
  • 650mg Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid
  • 100mg Eleuthero
  • 100mg Inositol

The main ingredients above, come together to make an herbal treatment formula to fight signs of strain, tension and apprehension, all of which causes harm to your body, both physically and mentally.


Natrol Stress Anxiety Formula is offered on the site at a discounted price of $19.69 per bottle which each hold 90 capsules. Based on the recommended dosage of four capsules daily means one bottle will only last you up to about 20 days. Not that much of a bargain when it comes to the price.

What To Expect

Nowhere on this website, do they provide any valuable information in relation to short and long term effects or how long it will take before the consumer sees and feels results. None of the claims declared by Stress Anxiety Formula have been tested by the Food and Drug Administration so this only adds to the possibility of a decrease in customer confidence. Once you lose a person’s confidence, you lose them as customer.

SAF or Stress Anxiety Formula as it is known, is a 100% drug-free formula that helps promote relaxation and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Keep An Eye Out

For consumers that have food allergies, you will be glad to know that this product is not composed of artificial flavors or colors, glutens, corn, milk, yeast, added sugar, starch, soy, egg, milk and more. This is an obvious benefit of purchasing this product, especially for those with bad allergies.

There are no indications of when to call a doctor or when to stop taking the product in the case that something bad has happened.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Unsure exactly how confident this manufacturer is because they do not provide any kind of money back guarantees to back SAF. They even let their customers know ahead of time that this product should not be used to cure, diagnose, treat or prevent diseases of any kind.

Stress Anxiety Formula by Natrol has not received the FDA seal of approval so consumers have no way of knowing how this item works or if it even dose.

The Bottom Line

Natrol’s Stress Anxiety Formula has barely any specifics on how the individual ingredients work together to provide relief in various situations. The FDA has not gotten its’ chance to look at and decide on the effectiveness of this product. These reasons, along with several others, are why this product will not likely be a favorite.

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