Basic Information: What is Natural Calm

This is a review of Natural Calm, a supplement that’s being manufactured by Natural Vitality. The product is destined for people who struggle with high levels of anxiety.  There’s an undeniable balance between calcium and magnesium, and the main compound in Natural Calm is magnesium. The mineral is known to have a soothing and calming effect.


Unfortunately, the official website of Natural Vitality offers little to no information regarding directions. This can be a hazard for individuals interested in taking the supplement, considering the fact that all of these products, regardless of how homeopathic or vegan they are, can be overdosed on. Serving size is indeed recommended as being two teaspoons, but the facts don’t specify how many times per day it is recommended for users to take Natural Calm.


The supplement only contains 350mg of Magnesium for each 4 grams. The mineral has been modified into ionic magnesium citrate, which is said to be easily absorbed by the human body.


A bottle of 8oz of unflavored Natural Calm costs $22.95. The 16oz bottle comes at a price of $39.95. The product also features variations which have been added flavors to: raspberry lemon, sweet lemon and organic orange. The supplement can also be purchased as a cream, in bottles of 4oz, priced at $28.00.

What to expect

The single ingredient in Natural Calm is magnesium. Magnesium has a relaxing effect and is also known for promoting sleep. People suffering from stress and insomnia episodes should try to restore their healthy magnesium levels as soon as possible. Cramps, highs and lows in blood pressure and chest pains are often times related to magnesium deficiency. If you’ve been experiencing any of the above, you might benefit from introducing some extra magnesium in your diet.


There seems to have been no studies related to how Natural Calm could affect the health of children or pregnant or breastfeeding women. The logical advice would be to consult a physician before starting a treatment, regardless of it being organic or vegan.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no available info regarding money back guarantees. The manufacturers can ship Natural Calm solely to U.S. residents.

The Bottom Line

Products containing magnesium are generally organic and can be used both by vegetarians and by vegans, on account of the fact that they contain a single mineral. However, the lack of information regarding basic information about this product may leave potential buyers wary of this product.

As for the actual results, they still remain to be seen. There haven’t been made any studies on the effectiveness of Natural Calm.

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