Basic Information:  What is GABA?

This review will look at GABA by Neuro Biologix. This manufacturer says it is a medical caliber natural supplement that fights the symptoms of anxiety and stress. GABA stands for Gamma Aminobutyric Acid which is a chemical that is produced in your brain. GABA is designed to block neurotransmitters from becoming too excited which happens when a person is scared, feeling anxious or experiencing a stressful moment. GABA essentially has a calming effect, helping a person’s body to react less anxiously than normal.


Neuro Biologix, the company that makes this product, recommends consumers take anywhere from one to three capsules each day with your meals. However, it does not state whether this is for all three meals or just one. This could be rather confusing for customers. Each bottle does carries 60 capsules inside so if you are going to take a minimum of one per day, then this bottle will last you for a good two months. However, if you are taking three daily, then this item will only last 20 days.


  • 500mg of GABA or Gamma Aminobutyric Acid

Additional elements:

  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Gelatin
  • Vegetable Steric Acid
  • Microcrystalline cellulose

Although the FDA or Food & Drug Administration has not yet assessed the claims of this product, the manufacturers do not give any warnings about when not to use their item.


Neuro Biologix offers up GABA nutritional supplement for only $24.90 per 60-capsule bottle. This low price includes free shipping as well. No discounts or special prices are offered for bulk purchases. Although, there is a place where the customer can enter a coupon discount code if they have one. This company also ships internationally which is a great selling point.

What to Expect

Consumers may or may not feel immediate effects of this commodity. It is difficult to know since the manufacturer does not include any information on how long it will take until you see or feel results from GABA. This item boosts HGH or human growth hormones levels by exciting the pituitary gland anteriorly. GABA also improves the body’s immune system. All of its’ functions come together to produce calming results by slowing down the nervous system, thus, decreasing anxiety and tension and giving more relaxation and better sleep too.

Keep an Eye Out

Although this product does offer some great benefits, its’ label does come with one warning. According to the manufacturer, some consumers whom take GABA will encounter minor tingling of the skin and/or slight shortness of breath. This is a characteristic of this amino acid and quickly subsides.

With this in mind, however, those persons whom have allergies to salt, binders, yeast, wheat, artificial colors, corn, starch, milk, fish, eggs or artificial preservatives can easily and safely consume this item.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Neuro Biologic makes only medical class level supplements which can give customers some peace of mind. To back their product, they do offer consumers a 30 day money back guarantee if they are not happy with the product, even if it is already open. However, they do subtract the shipping from the refund.

The Bottom Line

There are still many other products out there that offer the same benefits, along with better prices and guarantees. The lack of directions, customer reviews, no mention of side effects and the many allergens included, GABA by Neuro Biologix is lacking in comparison to other commodities available on the market.

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