Basic Information:  What is L-Theanine

This review will investigate a dietary supplement called L-Theanine and is manufactured and distributed by a company called New Beginnings Nutritionals. This item declares to provide overall relief of the effects of life’s daily stresses. Find out more by reading on.


Other than your own physician giving a different recommendation, the people at New Beginnings Nutritionals recommend consumers ingest one to two capsules every day for desired results. The product’s label does not say if you must take this with or without meals. This dosage amount is about average for these products.


  • 100mg of L-Theanine

If you do some research on L-Theanine, you’ll find clinical research that shows L-Theanine does, in fact, assist in the treatment of symptoms that accompany anxiety and stress on a daily basis. However, looking a little further, these studies also showed that the adverse effects from stress and anxiety were only affected when the subjects took 200mg 250mg in a single dose. If these facts are true, then this product could fall short of your expectations.


New Beginnings Nutritionals advertises their L-Theanine product for $19.00 for a bottle of 60 vegetarian capsules. Consumers should shop around because there are several products that are comparable to this one but with a much lower price tag. Why pay a higher inflated price for the exact same item. In fact, there were numerous competitors that actually offered a higher milligram capsule but at a cheaper cost.

What to Expect

According to the manufacturer’s information, L-Theanine has an affect on the brain’s alpha waves which help with relaxation. L-Theanine also assists in creating GABA which is another amino acid that affects calming and peacefulness. Their research and data apparently shows that. L-Theanine reaches the brain within 30 minutes after oral administration. Keeping this in mind, you are likely to experience relief results in a short amount of time when compared to prescription products.

Keep an Eye Out

Research has shown that there are, currently, no contraindications have been listed for stopping the use of this item. However, there have been studies of L-Theanine in the tea extract form which showed some subjects did have headache, dizziness, and Gastrointestinal symptoms.

One positive note is that this particular product is allergy friendly for many consumers since it does not contain any of these ingredients:  Corn, yeast, milk/casein, peanuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, and soybeans. L-Theanine also contains no preservatives or artificial colors/flavors.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Nowhere on their site, could any information regarding refunds, returns or guarantees be found. They go into a great deal of detail talking about how they back their product and its’ quality manufacturing but yet no satisfaction guarantee. Even though, L-Theanine is cost-effective, keep looking around for a better version which may cost you a little less and give you the confident guarantee you are looking for.


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