Basic Information:  What is Herbal Calming Blend?

This is a review of the product Herbal Calming Blend by Nutranomics. This company claims that their product helps ease physical and mental stress levels. According to the information provided, this product should provide better sleep, body aches, tight muscles and calmness for anxiety and stress.


The manufacturer’s recommended daily dosage is two capsules as needed. There is no specification as to what time a day you should take this product or whether take it with food or not. This could be one good point regarding this item because not having to take it at certain times could be less stressful than a scheduled dosage.

Herbal Calming Blend does have several label warnings from its’ makers. Consumers should never take more than 10 capsules in a day. It goes on to warn against driving or running equipment for up to two hours after taking this product. Herbal Calming Blend should not be taken by a pregnant or lactating person before speaking with an herbal specialist or a physician.


Herbal Calming Blend has the following ingredients:

  • 800mg of a medicinal blend of herbs (Lavender, Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Chamomile, and more)
  • 116mg Patented AES (Assimilation Enhancing System) which helps to absorb minerals and vitamins in the capsules.

There is no information given in regard to this product and possible allergies to some consumers.


According to the manufacturer’s website, consumers can purchase Herbal Calming Blend for $24.95 for one bottle that contains 60 capsules. That is not too bad of a price, however, you will want to take into consideration how many you will likely use and how often. Additionally, this company offers a 25% discount if you sign up for automatic monthly shipping, but you can cancel at anytime.

What To Expect

The makers of Herbal Calming Blend do not offer a guarantee for customer satisfaction. This may lead consumers to look for other options with many of the same benefits but that also offer the additional benefit of a money back guarantee to back their product. Furthermore, there are no details listed about any long or short term results.

Keep An Eye Out

No side effect warnings can be found on this product’s website, however, they do provide plenty of information about the natural quality of this item.

We do not dilute our supplements with fillers, flow agents, binders, or other additives. When formulating, we provide each capsule with the dietary supplements your body needs.

The Herbal Calming Blend is made of 100% pure plant cellulose vegetarian. It does not contain any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which has been found to contain agents that cause cancer.

There is also no indication of when a customer should call a physician or stop taking the product due to reaction or some other issue.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

For customers that purchase Herbal Calming Blend, there is no money-back guarantee or anything. Despite the fact that this product does have two ingredients that are patented & have clinical studies to back them, Herbal Calming Blend has not checked out by the FDA as of present.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Herbal Calming Blend makes some good claims based on its’ natural ingredients. However, without a money-back guarantee or FDA approval, this item cannot come close to many other natural products out there.


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