Basic Information:  What is Stress Free

In this review of Stress Free is produced by Nutrapathic, you will learn about a product which has become well-known over the past 25 years for its’ success at providing powerfully effective recipes to combat signs and symptoms of a tension and anxiety-filled life. Here we will take a closer look at Nutrapathic’s claims.


Nutrapathic does not provide any information regarding dosages or how their product should be consumed. Even after going as far as to research it on the internet, no dosage directions were found anywhere. Without this information, it is impossible to know what kind of deal you are actually getting. The bottles of Stress Free accommodate 60 pills.


Nutrapathic has combined nourishing ingredients with vegetative elements to formulate a very special mixture that, not only, helps the emotional and mental side of stress but also aids in your physical well-being.

  • 25mg Vitamin C
  • 16.67IU Vitamin E
  • 66.7mcg Folic Acid
  • 5mg Thiamin
  • 3.3mg Riboflavin
  • 26.67mg Niacin
  • 2mg Vitamin B6
  • 5mcg Vitamin B12
  • 25mcg Biotin
  • 20mg Pantothenic Acid
  • 33.3mg Calcium
  • 1.5mg Iron
  • 66.7mg Magnesium
  • 6.67mg Zinc
  • 1mg Manganese
  • 16.67mcg Chromium
  • 8.33mg Potassium
  • 128mg Medicinal mixture including: Valerian, Black Cohosh, L-Glutamine, Choline, PABA, Bromelain, Eleuthero, Rice Bran, Egg Lecithin, Spleen, Hops flower, Beet,  Rice Bran, Egg Lecithin, Alfalfa, L-Tyrosine, Liver FD, Adrenal Gland, Watercress, Inositol, Passion flower, Parsley and L-Glutamic Acid.


Stress Free by Nutrapathic could possibly come as a top contender among anxiety products when it comes to competitive prices. Check out its’ low price of $14.00 for one bottle that comes with 60 tablets. Considering the fact that one piece of important information is missing, the dosage amount, it is impossible to know if $1400 is a good deal or not.

What to Expect

Stress Free is an all natural dietary additive that helps the parasympathetic portion of the nervous system function more productively. It does this by nourishing the parasympathetic side so that when the sympathetic side is awakened due to an anxious situation, you will still be sharp enough for any situation while still being relaxed and calm.

Keep an Eye Out

The manufacturer, Nutrapathic, states that this product is a safe and healthy stress relief technique. You will feel calm, relaxed, alert, and in control – without that dull, drowsy, or limp feeling.

There is a warning posted by the makers of Stress Free letting customers know that those whom are having a baby, currently breastfeeding or have any kind of chronic illness, should not take this product without first seeking advice from a physician.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer of Stress Free asks one thing of their customers. They would like you to try their products for at least 30 days before making your final decision about this item. But after the 30-day period is complete, they ask that you send back your product for a complete refund.

The Bottom Line

Nutrapathic has been creating and selling all natural dietary supplements for over 25 years. They really should not have anything to prove after that length of time, however, this company still offers a complete money back guarantee if not satisfied. However, there are no customer reviews, which makes us curious if this product is as great as it claims to be. This product also contains many different ingredients that are not necessarily helping the consumer who takes this supplement.


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