This is a review of Passion Flower extract relaxation by Physician Formulas.

Basic Information: What is “Passion Flower Extract”

Passion flower extract created by Physician Formulas is simple supplement consisting only of extract of the passion flower. Passion flower has been used for centuries to calm and relax a patient, often leading them towards a good nights’ sleep. Passion flower is usually used in conjunction with other herbs with relaxing properties.

The simple white bottle portrays the simplicity of the inside product–one ingredient, one name.


The user is directed to take one capsule a day with no mention whether the supplement should be taken with a meal or not. There are also suggestions to take Passion Flower Extract with other calming herbs.


Each pill contains 200 mg of passion flower extract ( 3.5% total isovitexins) with the additions of rice flour and gelatin for the capsules.

As with all supplements, especially when they lack FDA approval, a doctor or healthcare practitioner should be consulted before taking the supplement.


60 capsules are sold for $13.95–that’s an $11 discount from the list price. For purchases of 2 to 24 bottles, there is a $.50 discount per bottle.

What to Expect

Passion flower as a relaxing herb can take effect in different ways depending on the person. Some feel the effects immediately, and with others the supplement will feel more of a placebo. After consulting your doctor, passion flower extract can be taken in the long term, as long as a break is taken of a couple days out of every week.

The manufacturer suggest taking passion flower along with other herbs, but also cautions against taking them in too large quantities. It would seem that this herb is best taken under the supervision of a medical professional acquainted with the use of this herb.

Keep an Eye Out

No major side effects have been reported from taking passion flower extract, however the drowsy effect can negatively affect the user’s ability to perform difficult tasks such as driving, and that should be taken into account when using passion flower extract.

Also a warning is given when the user is taking other anxiety medication, careful consultation with a professional should be made before taking passion flower extract in addition to other sedatives, whether herbal or drug-based.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

No mention of money-back guarantees can be found on the site, besides a number one can call when difficulties arise.

The Bottom Line

Passion flower extract by Physician Formulas is relatively inexpensive, which is perhaps appropriate due to the lack of efficacy promised by the manufacturer. The incompatibility of passion flower extract with other sedatives, mild or otherwise is a definite drawback, yet the length of time that one can take passion flower extract is a bonus. The simple raw materials of this product are a bonus for those who like to know exactly what is inside any supplements they are taking.

Passion flower extract seems to be a mild addition to supplements a sufferer from anxiety or stress might take in an attempt to find more restful sleep, but not a full medical solution for anxiety or stress.

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