This review on Valerian root supplement herbal sleep aid by Physician Formulas will explore the effects of Valerian root on relaxation and sleep.

Basic Information: What is “Valerian root supplement herbal sleep aid”

Valerian root is a common relaxant and mild sedative. It is best used in conjunction with other herbs such as kava and passionflower when the user is looking for an all around relaxing effect. As Valerian root will cause drowsiness it is best used as sleep aid and not just a relaxant for your work day.

The amount of Valerian root is noted on the bottle, along with the number of capsules per bottle, which has a traditional medicinal supplements look to it.

Those pregnant should avoid Valerian root, as there has been insufficient research on the effects of Valerian root on the developing fetus.


The user should take 1 or 2 capsules, depending on the amount suggested by the user’s doctor. This can be directly before bed, or a few hours before, to give time for the herb to take effect.

The benefits of Valerian root seem to work best in conjunction with other anxiety medication.


Each pill contains 450 mg of Valerian root with gelatin as an additive.


The site offers a price of $5.95 per bottle, down from the $13.95 list price. As a supplement to other medication this sounds reasonable. There is also a 25 cent discount offered on the site when purchasing more than one bottle of Valerian root supplement.

What to Expect

Not everyone can feel the results of Valerian root extract. It seems to be a matter of physical makeup or perhaps what a body is used to. Some find Valerian root makes them drowsy during the day, while others feel nothing at all and need to use other herbs to feel any effect. As an addition to anxiety medication, Valerian roots benefits seem to be promoting a good night’s sleep and so should be tried with that in mind.

Keep an Eye Out

As Valerian root can cause drowsiness, it should not be taken before driving or operating machinery. Valerian root also has a strong smell, which seems to be negligible when taken in capsule format.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There are no guarantees offered from the site, yet one would think that with such a low price, that would hardly be necessary. There is a phone number displayed which is always helpful when dealing with missed orders or other shipping difficulties.

The Bottom Line

The simplicity of this product is a plus. It is beneficial for users to see exactly what they are getting in a product, however, as the manufacturers themselves state, Valerian root is best used in conjunction with other herbs when used as a relaxing agent. Taking several different herbal supplements can be rather difficult and confusing for the average user. Doing that can require the help of a natural health practitioner to ensure that the right dosage of each compound is being taken, as well that no negative side effects are being overlooked. Because of this, perhaps many users would prefer to take a more all in one supplement.


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