Basic Information: What is “Red Reishi”

This is a review of Purica’s Red Reishi. Red Reishi claims to bring inner balance by using a compound of medicinal mushrooms to supplement your immune system, while relieving the symptoms of anxiety and stress.


Red Reishi is made from a ‘nano-particle size certified organic’ Reishi strain of mushroom which is made in a laboratory using only organic sources. You should avoid this product if you have a fungus allergy.


Take two capsules two times a day.


Red Reishi comes in bottles of 120 capsules from the Canadian Vitamin Shop for $46.98.

What to Expect

Red Reishi is used primarily to support memory and relieve stress and insomnia which consequently helps raise your energy and stamina levels.  Other reported benefits include a strengthened immune system, stimulation of liver function and a reduction in muscle tension and pain.

Reishi mushrooms can cause side effects like dry mouth and throat, upset stomach, nosebleed, itchiness and bloody stools.

Long term use promotes restful sleep. Some studies report improvements in not only neurological conditions but also psychiatric conditions including anorexia.

Keep an Eye Out

Reishi mushroom is possibly safe to take for up to one year. However, in its powdered form it is possibly unsafe to take for more than a month. Consult your doctor before taking Red Reishi if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have a bleeding disorder. Reishi mushrooms may interact with medications for high blood pressure or medications that slow blood clotting (such as aspirin or ibuprofen). Consult your doctor if you have a bleeding disorder or low blood pressure.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Purica uses amber glass bottles and metal lids as a form of premium packaging and to show their commitment to the environment to minimize wasteful plastic. Their products are organic, Non-GMO, vegetarian and vegan and they use local produce when available. They do not offer a guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Red Reishi is made from a USDA certified organic Reishi strain of mushroom, which is proven to be beneficial. There are very few side effects for generally healthy people. However, this product does not come with guarantee, or customer reviews, which may make potential buyers wary of this product.

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