This review will take a close look at a product called Relax-V by S&J Nature that provides immediate relief for those moments of panic and stress.

Basic Information:   What is Relax-V?

Relax-V is a natural additive used to reduce stress and anxiety providing the consumer with stress relief and a calming effect. Everyone’s body responds differently to stress and anxious situations. In fact, stress for long periods can cause many negative results like headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, chest pain and even a simple stomach ache.  S&J Nature Products, manufacturer of Relax-V, claims this product offers a rapid response to situations of stress, anxiety and fear.


The manufacturers of Relax-V recommend taking one tablet sublingually when needed 2 to 4 times daily. The desired effects of this product may not be as noticeable if the tablet is chewed or swallowed. Although the manufacturers of Relax-V do not give any limitations on whom can and cannot take this herbal product, they do, however, recommend that consumers whom are pregnant, breastfeeding, preparing for surgery or take prescribed medications check with a physician before beginning this product.


Relax-V is made up of two ingredients:

  • 44mg of Isovaleric Acid – fatty acid found in valerian, a perennial plant and is believed to have anti-anxiety and sedative qualities.
  • 16mg of Menthol – a fragrant oil taken from peppermint (likely used to counteract the odor of the Isovaleric Acid which is known for its’ adverse odor).
  • Other ingredients mentioned:  cane sugar and calcium stearate.

According to the manufacturer, Relax-V is free of gluten, GMOs, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.


There is no price given on the manufacturer’s website, however, they do provide a link to their product available on The price advertised on is $14.98 + free shipping for two bottles containing 20 pills each.

What to Expect

According to the manufacturer,

Relax-V provides a simple, quick and healthy response to sudden anxiety, nervousness, irrational fear and momentary stress.

This product supposedly works within minutes to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety during a moment of sudden fear and apprehension. Since these pills apparently dissolve within 3 minutes of placing them under the tongue, consumers may be quick to buy them.

Keep An Eye Out

The makers of Relax-V recommend that customers consult with a physician prior to using their product. Following clinical trials, they claim that taking Relax-V is “safe and poses no short-term or long-term health risks.” They also warn consumers to keep this product from children which might make buyers a little weary of its’ ingredients. Although this company has performed clinical trials, the FDA has not yet studied this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturers of this product do not offer any kind of guarantee, money or otherwise. This is one reason why consumers will be less likely to take the chance on buying a product that may or may not work.

The Bottom Line

Today, more than ever, people are searching for natural and herbal remedies to solve their health problems. Relax-V appears to have some calm-inducing natural ingredients but the lack of FDA approval, as well as, no guarantees or refunds offered leaves consumers looking around for other options.

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