Basic Information:  What is Relaxed Mind?

Right off the bat, the company selling this product offers a 5% coupon on your purchase if you sign up, using your email, to receive sales and product information. Relaxed Mind, a vegan and GMO-free product, purportedly reduces stress levels, thus, inducing relaxation. The review will scrutinize this product’s claims and ingredients.


Customers can always seek out advice from an herbal specialist but the makers of Relaxed Mind proclaim that this product will supply great results if consumers take just one pill one to two times daily at least one hour prior to consuming a meal.


The manufacturer insists that this product has a Ayurvedic formula which is an ancient traditional Indian medicine that encourages overall mind and body balance.

A list of their all organic ingredients:

  •  shankapushpi
  • brahmi
  • gotu kola
  • passionflower
  • organic valerian
  • vidari kanda
  • ashwagandha
  • guduchi
  • licorice
  • cardamom
  • cinnamon
  • fennel
  • clove


Consumers will pay $29.75 for a bottle that holds 60 vegetarian capsules. With the recommended dosage of one to two capsules daily, customers will get as little as 30 days use and as much as two months if you only take one capsule a day.

What To Expect

Unfortunately, there is much information given on this product either by the manufacturer or by the company selling it here on their website. Even though, they do not tell customers much detail about the product, they do assert that Relaxed Mind will NOT cause drowsiness and it is NOT addictive.

Keep An Eye Out

It is safe to say that anytime you are using a product of any kind, if you have a bad reaction to it or you aren’t sure if you are taking the product correctly, then it is highly recommended that you stop using the product and seek medical help immediately.

The creators of Relaxed Mind do not list any possible side effects from eating their product. The claims of this item being pure, all-organic with no fillers or additives does lead you to believe that you should not have any side effects. The problem is, you just cannot be sure.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

After checking carefully, you will find that this product does NOT come with any kind of guarantee, refund or anything from the makers themselves. Granting all this, the company advertising this item on their website does allow consumers a full refund but only if the item is returned unopened and in under 30 days only. Not much of a guarantee. How will the consumer know if they are dissatisfied with a product if they cannot even open it?

The Bottom Line

It is safe to say that almost anyone would agree that the product, Relaxed Mind, falls way short of even coming close to competing with the best anxiety relief products on the market today. The lack of label specifications, no clinical data, absent ingredients and more puts this product at the bottom of the pile when it comes to a great, herbal supplement that can answer the demands of consumers everywhere.


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