This review is about Seredyn, the natural herbal supplement produced by BioNeurix designed for patients suffering from anxiety and stress.

Basic Information: What is “Seredyn”

Seredyn is a herbal compound containing mostly herbs which influence the brain, causing it to produce the compounds which promote a sense of calm and well being in the body. Seredyn is designed for those who suffer from chronic anxiety and stress, as it is designed for long term use. The blend of natural compounds work together to provide relief from those suffering from anxiety without producing a chemical dependence on the supplement.


There are several options mentioned for the use of Seredyn. Someone who only wants occasional relief can take one to three capsules as desired. If daily relief is needed, one or two capsules can be taken around three times a day. Seredyn is said to work when taken with a meal or away from a meal, it just takes a little longer to take effect when one takes Seredyn on a full stomach.


Seredyn’s ingredients are as follows:

  • L-Theanine-an amino acid which stimulates the brain to create dopamine, the drug creating pleasant feelings in the body
  • Passion Flower-an herb used in traditional medicine to combat sleeplessness and nervousness, works best when taken together with Valerian extract
  • Valerian extract–reduces feelings of fear or worry
  • Niacinamide–a member of the B group of vitamins commonly used in anxiety medication
  • Magnesium Taurinate–the amino acid taurine and magnesium, both compounds relieve stress and calm the nerves


The price for Seredyn is not listed on the website itself, but prospective buyers can call the number listed. A free shipping deal is advertised when two or more bottles are purchased.

What to Expect

Seredyn promises noticeable feelings of relaxation from fifteen minutes to one hour of taking the pill, depending on how long it has been since the patient ate. The Valerian root does give the bill a noticeable odor, which some may consider foul.

Keep an Eye Out

There have been no recorded negative side effects for patients taking Seredyn, however, as with all medication, natural or otherwise, it is prudent to consult with a healthcare practitioner before adding a supplement to your diet.

Women who are pregnant or lactating should not take Seredyn. Also, as most of the components of Seredyn are relaxing agents, be advised that taking Seredyn before performing activities which require an alert and active mind is not encouraged.

The manufacturers state in several places that Seredyn is not habit-forming, yet advises users who wish to stop taking Seredyn to do so gradually.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is a 60-day return policy for purchasers of Seredyn.

The Bottom Line

Seredyn offers numerous quality control checks for the user to keep in mind, however Seredyn is not FDA-approved, so the quality control checks will be subjective at best. Not being able to find out the price from the website is a drawback of Seredyn, as the ingredients seem very similar to other anxiety medications, yet without any particular element, be it price or quality control, to set it above the competition.


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