Basic Information: What is Relora For Anxiety?

Relora is a natural product that helps regulate a person’s stress hormones and manages weight gain often caused by an anxiety-filled lifestyle. Weight gain and stress go hand-in-hand. When one goes up, the other one goes up. The three main stress hormones which are Adrenalin, Cortisol and Norepinephrine all react when a person is suddenly in a stressful situation. Their levels increase abruptly in response to the body’s tension-induced moment. Manufacturers of Relora claim this product offers a natural way to lessen stress hormones resulting in less anxiety-related eating, thus, a decrease in unnecessary weight gain.


This product has a recommended use of one capsule taken daily three times. Relora can be consumed with or without food. However, the manufacturer does warn that anyone who is pregnant or nursing should check with a physician before taking this product.


Relora contains a medicinal mixture of extracts from both Magnolia Officinalis and Phellodendron Amurense Bark which, when combined, reduce Cortisol levels and anticipated stress.

  • 250mg Relora

Additional ingredients: food grade starch, purified water, magnesium stearate, snow white filler, gelatin, silicon dioxide and glycerin.

According to the makers of Relora, this product does not contain any preservatives, synthetic colors, dyes, flavors, salt, wheat, yeast, milk products or sugar. Furthermore, Relora is vegetarian and Kosher approved, all natural, non-irradiated and free of ETO & GMO. Although it says that Relora is a natural mixture, customers might question the additional ingredients listed.


The manufacturer of Relora offers very reasonable prices. In addition, they give customers the option of purchasing this product one time only at $19.95, as well as, an option to purchase this product at a lower price of $17.96 with automatic shipping.  Each bottle comes with 60 tablets which will only last you 20 days if they are taken as directed on the label.

What To Expect

According to the manufacturer,

Relora helps reduce stress hormones and promote productive and healthy sleep patterns.

The makers of Relora do not give any information regarding how long it takes for this product to take effect. This leaves the customer wondering when he or she will feel relief. Most people do not like to guess but, instead, want immediate results.

Keep An Eye Out

Apparently, Relora has no side effects and is easy on delicate stomachs. These claims appear more credible because this natural supplement is patented and has even been featured on Dr. Oz. With a patent and notable physician backing this product, consumers are more likely to purchase it based on a high level of confidence.

Currently, there are no warnings about seeing a physician before using this product or when to see a physician if something goes wrong.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

After searching through all of the company’s product information, no guarantees for customer satisfaction were found. Some consumers might find themselves questioning what will happen if the product doesn’t work for them. Will they get their money back? Since this manufacturer does have a patent and has been promoted on Dr. Oz, the lack of a guarantee might not seem as big of a deal to customers.

The Bottom Line

For the most part, this product offers some reliable claims. Relora is 100% natural with no side effects and works to boost mental, emotional and physical calmness while at the same time reduces stress eating resulting in weight loss. Although the amount of tablets you get in one order might not last long, but since it does carry a patent and physician support, it could be a strong finisher in natural supplement choices.


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