What is Stress Free Marine Minerals?

This is a review of Stress Free which is manufactured by Marine Minerals. Stress free is a natural supplement that claims to help you with your anxiety that is caused by the stress of your everyday life. Marine Minerals suggests that Stress Free can also be used to address the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and may help promote a healthy pregnancy. All of the herbs used by Marine Minerals are 100% Non-Irradiated and 100% Non-EtO. This means that the herbs used in Stress Free have not been sterilized using irradiation or with ethylene oxide which is a pesticide. All the products sold by Marine Minerals are gluten-free and made in the United States. All their products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities.


Stress Free does not give a comprehensive list of the ingredients included in their supplements. It may be assumed that they included nutrients like magnesium and the B-vitamins in their formula, however, it is not explicitly stated. Without providing a full list of ingredients, it may be advisable to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before you take Stress Free. However, it does claim to be free from caffeine and gluten.


The manufacturer recommends taking two tablets once or twice daily as needed.


A bottle containing 90 tablets will cost you $27.17. This can provide you 45-90 days worth of doses, depending on how many tablets you consume in a day. There are no discounts available or multi-purchase options.

Possible Side Effects

Marine Minerals has not published a list of ingredients and the expectations of Stress Free are unknown.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Marine Minerals offer a 60-day product guarantee to every customer. If dissatisfied, consumers must call the manufacturer to receive approval to return the unused product. Marine Minerals reserves the right to require proof of purchase for any refund requested. Taxes or shipping charges are not refunded. A 10% restocking fee will be assessed.

The Bottom Line

We liked that all of the herbs used by Marine Minerals are 100% Non-Irradiated and 100% Non-EtO and that they are gluten-free and made in the United States. All of their products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities. However, Marine Minerals provides little to no information about this specific supplement, so it is difficult to know what is in the product, how it may affect you, and what you should look out for. The manufacturer of Stress Free cites that the minerals and vitamins included in the supplement are necessary for a relaxed state of mind, as well as, restful sleep however they do not list the exact ingredients. Marine Minerals does offer a money back guarantee which is a goo thing but it is conditional and not hassle free. Also, taxes or shipping charges are not refunded and consumers are charged a 10% restocking fee. We don’t think this is very fair.

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