This is a review of the nutritional supplement Zen 7 by Zoned Nutrition, an herbal formula designed to aid the body in dealing with and ridding itself of stress.

Basic Information: What is “Zen 7”

Zen 7’s special formula seems to focus on improving the functions of the brain, specifically those related to relaxing and balancing the body. These particular functions include: balancing hormone levels, increasing the immune response of the body, combating the hormones which lead to aging, and increasing the hormones which lead to better, more restful sleep.

It has a rather “zen”-like appearance with its minimalist label, yet the red and purple color contrast somewhat disturbs the effect.


The manufacturer suggest a daily dosage of 2 pills, however this dosage has not been approved by the FDA, neither has the daily value of each of the herbal ingredients been approved.


Each pill contains:

  • 300 mg of Magnolia bark extract
  • 250 mg of GABA
  • 200 mg of L-Theanine
  • 200 mg of Mucuna pruriens (20% extract)
  • 200 mg of ZMA blend–Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine HCL, Magnesium as oxide, Zinc as oxide
  • 150 mg of Kava root extract
  • 30 mg of 5-HTP


Each bottle of Zen 7 comes with 75 pills for the original price of $56.99 with a $13 discount running currently. However because the user is meant to take two pills a day, this seems a big more pricey than some of the other excellent anxiety pills on the market.

What to Expect

There is no mention of how long the product takes to produce any effect in the body, nor any mention of how long the product can safely be taken in succession, which is always an important factor to keep in mind when taking herbal supplements, or any medication for that matter.

Keep an Eye Out

There are no warnings by the manufacturer for at risk users, nor possible side effects. Also, there are no maximum dosage warnings. Because of this it is strongly advised to check with your health practitioner before taking Zen 7.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There does not seem to be any money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer, neither does the manufacturer mention any quality control for the creation of the product, which is always a legitimate concern when dealing with herbal supplements. A lack of quality control in addition to lack of FDA approval can make some users wary of the product.

The Bottom Line

The product has no quality controls, offers no guarantees if the user is not satisfied with his or her purchase, and though the manufacturer does talk of “meticulously sourcing” the product, there is no mention of where the ingredients were sourced, or what the standard for quality was. The amount of each ingredient in each pill is a helpful tool for potential users. In conclusion, the lack of information about this product would make it a supplement at best to someone looking for relief from stress and anxiety, as there are many other more well researched products available which a genuine sufferer from stress or anxiety might consider trying first.


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