Basic Information:  What is Mood Influence

This article will review Mood Influence by Evermore Labs, a company that produces and sells various natural mineral and vitamin products that apparently treat anxiety, arthritis, mood enrichment, hearth issues and even a detox to cleanse your body of poisons. Mood Influence is an all-natural formula filled with ingredients to fight off emotional fluctuation, help lessen tension and allowing for better sleep.


Each bottle of Mood Influence holds 60 capsules. Evermore Labs suggest that customers consumer only one capsule every day with no directions of any specific time of day, as well as, whether to take your dose with or without food.


  • 100mg Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract 5-HTP seed – creates similar effects as serotonin
  • 225mg Calcium (Calcium Carbonate) – required for healthy nervous system

Added ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, gelatin and calcium carbonate.


Evermore Labs lists their commodity at a very reasonable cost of only $22.95 for one bottle which contains 60 capsules. There is an additional $7.95 for shipping costs unless you purchase over $39 worth of supplements from this manufacturer. One thing to note is that they do offer an auto ship program which will save you $10 monthly.

What to Expect

Evermore Labs claims to be capable of dramatic results and that the consumer will feel calmer than ever if you take their product Mood Influence. By the description “dramatic results”, customers may become immediately impressed by such a strong claim. Always keep in mind that this company wants to sell you their product so their opinion may be just a little bit different than yours.

Keep an Eye Out

Evermore Labs with their slogan “Simply the Best” declares Mood Influence to be drug-free, as well as, all natural with absolutely NO side effects. On the other hand, the product label does warn those consumers that are on other medications or whom are breastfeeding or pregnant NOT to consume this item until they have first met with their physician.

This manufacturer also makes that extra effort to advise their customers to stop taking Mood Influence should you experience any negative effects.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Although it is not made clear what kind of refund or guarantee the customer will get, the company does say they guarantee that their product will work for you or you will get your money back. It does not say if the customer will have to pay for the return shipping or if there is a cut-off time to return the product.

The Bottom Line

It is difficult to not take a second look at the product Mood Influence since it makes some credible claims while providing the item at a very low price which can even be lowered further by signing up for the automatic shipping program. Even though, this product might be a great product at a great price, the company’s website does not offer near as much information as other competitors with similar products. Whenever something is lacking details or is difficult to navigate, you are likely going to lose the customer. Keep looking at other options.

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